Current Research

Andrew Alter is currently undertaking research amongst musicians in Australia and India in the areas of Musical Ownership, Creativity, Copyright and New Digital Economies of Distribution.

mmcs-news6In Australia he works with Macquarie University colleagues, Denis Crowdy and Steve Collins, to examine traditional musics in ways that consider the impact of digital distribution networks and the internet. Many musicians choose to cross cultural boundaries to create hybrid musical forms while others choose more conventional forms of creative practice.

(Image: Bobby Singh Australian Tabla Player)

In India his research is focused on the area of Uttarakhand. Mobile phones, SD cards, SIM cards, online streaming and other forms of digital storage and playback all comprise a new economy of distribution in which the livelihood of artists and studios are seriously under threat. Only fifteen years ago Uttarakhand had one of India’s most vibrant local popular music cassette industries. Consequently, the region now offers a valuable case study of how neoliberal economics and digital technologies impact on the production and consumption of local artists and producers.

(Image: Painchi Maya, Pritam Bharatwan, Meena and Uma, T-Series, SGHNC:01/63)